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Emily Weisband Shares Confessional New Song ‘Out of This Car’

Emily Weisband Shares Confessional New Song ‘Out of This Car’

Emily Weisband has shared her new song “Out of This Car,” the latest taste of her forthcoming EP Not Afraid To Say Goodbye, out November 13 on Warner Records. The stunningly confessional song transports us to the very vehicle where Emily is experiencing a brutal breakup in what feels like real-time.

Weisband explains, “I got dumped on January 1, 2020 in a car outside of my house… Happy New Year! I was really proud of myself for how I handled that moment—in other relationships I would’ve texted later that night or asked if we could talk about it again for some more closure but low key hope it would open conversation up to win him back. This time, I decided to let that night be enough for me to know there was nothing left to say except goodbye and instead of ‘why’ my question needed to be ‘what now.’”

“Out of This Car” follows the release of “Dumber,” which was crafted with Kevin Kadish (Meghan Trainor, Miley Cyrus), placing her effervescent voice front and center, as she asserts herself as someone who won’t put up with smooth talk or disrespect from a would-be suitor. That newfound confidence lies at the core of Not Afraid to Say Goodbye.

Last year, Emily stepped from behind the scenes and into the spotlight as an artist for the first time, making her debut with Identity Crisis. The EP earned praise from the likes of ELLEBillboardNYLON, and Entertainment Weekly for songs that played like diary confessions that were somehow instantly relatable. But if that set grappled with its titular subject, the upcoming EP takes a different track, where the confidence she gained by hearing her work out in the world is palpable. On the short, yet bold record, she uses her nearly lifelong study of songwriting to transmit raw emotions that revel in shades of gray, while also maintaining empathy and searing wit.

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