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Elise LeGrow Shares New Single ‘Evan’

Elise LeGrow Shares New Single ‘Evan’

Elise LeGrow Shares New Single ‘Evan’

Elise LeGrow has shared an emotional new single “Evan,” a deeply moving, slow-burning tribute to her friend who was killed over a decade ago and whose murder has never been solved.

The poignant track highlights LeGrow’s peerless vocal power with broken-hearted lyrics that lament the loss of her friend and reflect the mourning she continues to do for him, juxtaposed against the light, airy melodies. The song was produced by the award-winning Angelo Petraglia (Kings of Leon).

“The song doesn’t come from a place of vendetta,” says LeGrow. “It was really an act of reflection, and when I sing it, I hope that feeling will be shared by others, maybe about a friend they lost.”

“Evan” represents the first taste of LeGrow’s forthcoming album as well as the release of her first original song. The album will follow her critically acclaimed debut “Playing Chess” which features LeGrow’s interpretations of classic material from the legendary Chess Records.

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“Evan” is available on music streaming platforms.

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