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Elevation Worship Releases New Album ‘Graves Into Gardens’

Elevation Worship Releases New Album ‘Graves Into Gardens’

  • Elevation Worship drops their new album "Graves Into Gardens."
Elevation Worship Releases New Album 'Graves Into Gardens'

Grammy-nominated Elevation Worship has released their highly anticipated album Graves Into Gardens. The album marks their 11th project in their career.

Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church which Elevation Worship comes out from, played a big part in the writing of the songs. “I can’t downplay it, I’ve been out of my mind waiting for you to hear this album, & it’s here. We wrote these 12 songs over the last 2 years & now we get to share them with you. We turned in a “final” master of the album 3 times because songs kept coming til (sic) the very last minute that had to be a part,” he shared on Instagram.

Graves Into Gardens features a handful of heavy hitters. “The Blessing” which features Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes became a breakout hit. The album was delayed from its original release date to be able to include it. “RATTLE!” went viral when it was played during Elevation Church’s Easter service and listeners couldn’t get enough of the anthem.

The title track “Graves Into Gardens” features Brandon Lake of Bethel Music. The upbeat song captures the message of the whole album. Frequent collaborator Tauren Wells is featured in the song “Never Lost.” Isaiah Templeton is featured in “What Would You Do” which is one of the most impactful songs on the album.

The album showcases a much-solidified band. After worship leader and songwriter, Mack Brock exited the band in 2017, their release after his departure Hallelujah Here Below struggled to capture a uniformity between songs and a deeper connection with the lyrics.

Graves Into Gardens is a powerful album that shows Elevation Worship found the sound and voice they had been missing. The album feels like a continuation of all they’ve learned throughout the years and makes it a mature, put together album. It’s filled with powerful declarations and memorable songs making it one of their stronger releases.

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Elevation Worship have released a new album every year since 2016. Their last album was Paradoxology, released April of last year.

Listen to Graves Into Gardens below.

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