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eAeon and BTS’ RM Release New Song ‘Don’t’

eAeon and BTS’ RM Release New Song ‘Don’t’

Singer/songwriter eAeon has released his new album Fragile and has reunited with BTSRM for the track “Don’t.”

“Don’t” tells the story of two people who are going their separate ways while they look back at the memories of their broken relationship.

In an interview, eAeon talked about the collaboration saying, “I contacted him, because among the songs I’ve worked on for this album, there was one song that I thought would be completed quite nicely if RM would feature on it. He accepted it so willingly that the work was done so easily. I was going to ask him to feature on a different song, not “Don’t,” but RM, who listened to the songs together in the studio, said he wants to sing “Don’t.” I’ve said, “I’m going to work on this song too, so choose the one you like and write it.” And the next day, he recorded it and sent it to me. I loved it and there was no need for further editing or re-recording. He even recorded and sent the outro, which wasn’t the part I had asked for, “I sang it for fun,” and I’ve used it as it was, because it was so good.”

On Twitter, RM shared his excitement highlighting how much he respects eAeon and how well the song turned out.

The music video for “Don’t” has already surpassed over a million views while the track hit No. 1 on the iTunes charts in several countries including the U.S.

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The pair last teamed up for RM’s 2018 mixtape Mono on the track “badbye.”

eAeon’s Fragile is now available on music streaming platforms. Watch the music video for “Don’t” below.

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