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Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman’s Faith-Based Film ‘Hunter’s Creed’ to Release on October 6

Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman’s Faith-Based Film ‘Hunter’s Creed’ to Release on October 6

Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman (Dog the Bounty Hunter) and Wesley Truman Daniel (Second Samuel) star in the faith-based thriller Hunter’s Creed which is set to be available On Demand, Digital & DVD on October 6.

Hunter’s Creed is an inspirational story about keeping faith even in the face of great personal loss. After losing his wife, a man reunites with his church buddies to film the hunting show they’ve always wanted to make together. Before long, he senses a dark presence in the woods eventually bringing him face to face with death – and his faith. 

Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman plays himself in the movie and is joined by actors Wesley Truman Daniel, Mickey O’Sullivan, Ann Sonneville, John Victor Allen, James Errico, and LaDios Muhammad. 

“It’s a film about seeking truth and finding yourself, and if you know anything about Dog’s personal story, you know he embodies exactly that,” says Director Justin Jackola. “It’s not your everyday faith film. While there are parts of the film that evoke emotion and are relatable with loss, the scenes in the woods are a fresh take on a group of hunting buddies having fun mixed with some unexplainable elements that keep you on the edge of your seat.” 

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Hunter’s Creed was written by Ken Miyamoto and produced by Jackola & Jacquelyn Jamjoom. Executive producers include John W. Bosher, Chris Charles, Ted Reilly, Kelly Aisthorpe Waller & John Waller with Ken Miyamoto as Co-Producer and Samantha George as Associate Producer. 

Watch the trailer below.

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