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DPR Ian Explores Fear and Curiosity in ‘Scaredy Cat’ Video

DPR Ian Explores Fear and Curiosity in ‘Scaredy Cat’ Video

DPR Ian Releases ‘Scaredy Cat’ Video From ‘Moodswings In This Order’

DPR Ian delves into his own fear and curiosity through his other persona on the new music video for “Scaredy Cat.” Serving as the second title track from his debut album Moodswings In This Order, the singer/songwriter builds the world of that someone else living inside of him known as MITO with the latest visuals from Dream Perfect Regime.

“’Scaredy Cat’ was a song that was inspired by my fear, my fear of everything almost,” said Ian. In the person of MITO, he created this other character that was meant to personify his own emotions. “I’m sure you heard of the term, ‘curiosity killed the cat.’ So that’s essentially what it is, a scaredy cat,” he adds.

Moodswings In This Order was released on March 12 under the DPR banner. The Sydney creative behind the Dream Perfect Regime formed the collection of songs with a unique narrative that finds him accepting this other individual struggling within him and depicting the inner workings, thoughts, and regrets of this other persona across eight tracks. The album features the lead single “Nerve,” and the critically acclaimed single “No Blueberries” featuring DPR LIVE and CL.

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Stream and download MITO on music streaming platforms here and watch the music video for “Scaredy Cat” below.

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