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DJ Dzeko Remixes Tyler Shaw’s ‘When You’re Home’

DJ Dzeko Remixes Tyler Shaw’s ‘When You’re Home’

Tyler Shaw

Tyler Shaw and Dzeko have joined forces to remix Shaw’s latest single “When You’re Home.” The world-renowned Canadian DJ and producer took Shaw’s most romantic song to date and transformed it into an infectious club beat, proving Shaw’s sounds are bound to no genre.

“When I first heard ‘When You’re Home’ I instantly had an idea to do a remix to it.” says Dzeko on its inspiration,“This remix will give you a completely different take on the song with a more melodic house feel to it.” Shaw adds, “Dzeko is such an immense talent and I love his vibe so I knew he would bring the right energy to this. I knew I could trust him with remixing it.”

“When You’re Home” was Shaw’s first release in 2021 and originally produced by Grammy-award nominated Jon Levine (Dua Lipa, Alessia Cara, Bebe Rexha, Drake), and written by Shaw, Alex Beitzke (James Arthur), and Henry Brill (Jack Garrat). 

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Listen to “When You’re Home” remix below.

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