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Destiny City Music Make Their Debut With ‘Exalt’: Interview

Destiny City Music Make Their Debut With ‘Exalt’: Interview

Worship movement Destiny City Music have dropped their debut single “Exalt” as they introduce their sound to the world. The group’s introductory single paves the anticipation for their full-length album due later this year.

“Exalt” features artist Kayla Lance and music producer, mixer engineer, and producer Shane Lance that was written virtually and collaboratively during COVID-19. The track highlights their mission of taking part in a movement that is comprised of a diverse group of songwriters, worshipers, and music producers from different cities and churches. By co-writing and producing worship songs together, DCM’s mission is to collaborate with artists around the country in order to create a collaborative, faith-based music community.

Get to know more about Destiny City Music from band member Luke Breton van Groll below. Find “Exalt” here.

Vacancy: How would you explain your latest single “Exalt” to someone who is listening to your music for the first time?

Luke Breton van Groll: The song Exalt is a passionate resolve to worship God and reflects what God was doing in our hearts last summer. We were in the middle of a time where people were not gathering to worship because of the pandemic. I think it was timely in terms of where we were in that moment as humanity, feeling a bit disconnected and the least together we have ever felt. So when we sat down to write this, the four of us felt a desire to worship and exalt God above everything else. As we were writing, the song felt like a song that we wanted to sing but more importantly it felt like a song that we needed to sing. So Exalt became a declaration more than anything else. 

Vacancy: What is the process when writing a song?

Breton van Groll: Songwriting like any art is just that, a process. I always say there is no wrong way to write a song. This specific song was special because it was a co-write. When you co-write a song, especially with four writers, you run the risk of different ideas that don’t make sense together. But the strength of a good co-write is in the diversity of perspective around a central theme of a song.  So when the four writers, my wife Tracey Breton van Groll and I, as well as Shane and Kayla Lance, came together and we all shared the same theme, the song began to take shape. 

That day, Shane and I began with our guitars strumming a progression in the key of D and we all took turns singing freely what we felt. Someone read out of Psalms 34. “Glorify the Lord with me; let us exalt his name together.”  The lyrics began to flow and we captured them on voice memos and in the notes in our phones as fast as they came. We walked out of that session excited because we felt like we hit what we were going for. 

Vacancy: How did Destiny City Music come together?

Breton van Groll: I had this idea of a music collective over 10 years ago. I have always believed that creating music with friends is always better than creating music on your own. In 2019, when I moved from San Francisco back to Tacoma, WA, I felt like this was the right time to gather friends who were artists to do something greater than any one of us could do individually. 

It was an idea that, with a moment of courage, came together. I had a note written on my phone titled, “LABEL IDEA”. So one by one, I started FaceTiming each of the potential artists. When I would call them it was kind of like this: “Hey, so I.. uh. am.. starting a music collective / label, we would collaborate, co-write, hang out and make music that we love. Want to join?” And it was funny because I knew if someone had asked me to do that as an artist, I would be all in, but I still had this feeling that I was like asking someone on a date and they were going to reject me. 

Thankfully every artist is a friend, and shared the sentiment that I had. Every artist said an emphatic yes. 

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Vacancy: Has the last year changed how you approach making music and the message the group wants to portray?

Breton van Groll: The last year taught us more and more that creativity can happen from a distance, over a phone call, in a Zoom, and other creative ways. Then when we were finally able to come back together we didn’t take it for granted. As they say, “You don’t realize what you have til it’s gone.”

The message of our music is and has always been about a God who loves humanity, sent His Son Jesus to save the world and to give hope that we can live everyday empowered by the Holy Spirit. I believe the urgency of our message is needed now more than ever. 

Vacancy: What can listeners expect from the full length album and future plans for the group?

Breton van Groll: The record was recorded live with the intent to capture the true, authentic moments of worship, which makes this really special. I love this album because it has nine artists featured on it. You can expect a diverse expression of worship including upbeat praise songs as well as intimate worship songs. 

After our full length album release this fall, we will be playing some live worship events and we will be back in the studio continuing to write. 

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