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Dante Bowe to Release ‘Circles’ March 26

Dante Bowe to Release ‘Circles’ March 26

Dante Bowe will be releasing a new project Circles on March 26.

Circles is the follow-up to his critically-acclaimed debut, Son of a Father which detailed his road to self-discovery and lessons learned on his journey from homelessness to hits.

On Circles, Dante combines the simmering spirit of nineties-style R&B with foot-stomping soul and skyscraping gospel. The 13-song collection honors those that helped make him who he is, provides perspective on the struggles he’s faced and sets out to inspire others. 

“This past year has really allowed me to reflect,” says Bowe. “Stories I’ve been told about my family’s journey gave me an understanding of the role that they’ve played in my life. So, I wanted to explore that on this album – so much that I scrapped two fully recorded projects, to make Circles. To me, it feels that in sharing my own lessons, that others might not only see the importance of their pasts, but see how they can apply what we’ve learned to our futures.” 

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Following his grandfather’s passing in 2020, Bowe became closer than ever to his grandmother. He found comfort and perspective in their conversations and learned about his family, which provided a deeper insight into his formative years. He learned what it was like as a family of color, their experiences, and their ability to persevere despite the circumstances and he realized how much he was just like them. Bowe has something to say and he courageously bares himself through his musicianship and songwriting on Circles

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