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Craig Stickland and Raquel Sofia Team Up for ‘Break Every Rule’ Spanish Remix

Craig Stickland and Raquel Sofia Team Up for ‘Break Every Rule’ Spanish Remix

Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Craig Stickland has released a new Spanish Remix of his single “Break Every Rule” featuring GRAMMY and Latin GRAMMY nominee, singer/songwriter Raquel Sofia. 
Stickland says, “I’ve always wanted to learn to speak Spanish. When the quarantine hit I had some extra time on my hands and thought that ‘Break Every Rule’ was a great place to start. Raquel wrote an incredible verse, and I’m really excited to release my first bilingual record with her.”
Raquel adds, “I instantly fell in love with ‘Break Every Rule’ when I heard it. The song is emotional and raw and has a beautiful old school essence. I feel lucky to be able to collaborate with Craig and bring this song over to my world with some Spanish lyrics because I truly believe this ‘Break Every Rule’ is for everyone.”
The original “Break Every Rule” single was featured on Stickland’s debut album Starlit Afternoon, released in February this year. The single has over 1M streams and received critical acclaim for Stickland’s mesmerizing vocal range and lovelorn lyrics.
About the Spanish Remix, Stickland continues, “This was also my first time adapting to the new, safe way of collaborating, where Raquel and I worked on the remix remotely. I was working out of my studio in LA, while she was in Mexico City. She sent me her first draft of the translation via voice note, I learned it phonetically, tracked a scratch vocal, and then sent the session to her to harmonize and lay down her verse. Once she laid down her leads, I sang some additional layers, and then we sent it off to mix. This was my first time ever creating with someone without being in the same room, and it was a pretty unique experience that I’m sure I’ll remember for a very long time.”

Listen to the remix below.

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