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Cory Asbury Releases Timely ‘Blackbird’ Cover

Cory Asbury Releases Timely ‘Blackbird’ Cover

  • Bethel's Cory Asbury has been releasing acoustic covers on YouTube and his latest installment is a timely cover of The Beatles song "Blackbird."

Cory Asbury has released the second installment of his “One-Take Covers” featuring The Beatles’ song “Blackbird” originally written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon. Asbury discovered the meaning of the song making it a timely release to the current situation happening in the U.S.

He shares the meaning of the story in a pinned comment on the video saying, “I just learned of the story behind this song and I’m absolutely blown away at how appropriate it is for the time in which we’re living… “Blackbird” was actually written about the Civil Rights movement in the 60s. In England, girls were often referred to as “birds”, so “blackbird” could roughly translate to “black girl”. The song was an acknowledgement of the injustices taking place and an encouragement to black women to not give up hope. At a concert in Little Rock, Arkansas, McCartney introduced the song by saying, “Way back in the 60s there was a lot of trouble going on about civil rights… We would see what was going on and sympathize with the people going through those troubles, and it made me want to write a song that… might just help them a little bit, and that’s this next one…” Jesus, heal the broken wings.”

Asbury first “One-Take Covers” installment covered the classic song “Moon River.” Listen to the “Blackbird” cover above.

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