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Conan Gray Releases New Single ‘Overdrive’

Conan Gray Releases New Single ‘Overdrive’

Singer and songwriter Conan Gray returns with a brand new single titled “Overdrive” today via Republic Records.

He says about the song, “I wrote ‘Overdrive’ to escape reality. I’ve spent the entire past year moping around alone in my house, I wanted to make something to get me to dance around my house. Something to belt into the showerhead and lose your worries to. Every time I turned it on to tweak production or change lyrics, I’d always just end up singing along and forgetting why I was so stressed— which is exactly what I hope this song is for the people who listen. Just a moment of reckless abandon and catharsis in a world filled with inhibition.”

Next up, he will unveil the music video for “Overdrive,” which he personally wrote, directed, shot, and edited, alongside frequent collaborator Dillon Matthew.

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“Overdrive” is now available on music streaming platforms.

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