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Coldplay Announce New Album ‘Music of The Spheres’

Coldplay Announce New Album ‘Music of The Spheres’


Coldplay has announced the release of their much-anticipated new album, Music Of The Spheres due October 15th, 2021. The album is available for pre-order here.

The band announced the Max Martin-produced album on Instagram via a handwritten note alongside an album trailer that combines an animated cosmic journey through the album’s planetary artwork with short clips of the album’s twelve tracks.

The band’s note also seemed to hint at further sci-fi themes with the phrase ‘Everyone is an alien somewhere.’

In May, the band released “Higher Power” – the first single from Music Of The Spheres – which has been streamed more than 160 million times. The band’s note also revealed the imminent release of an album track called Coloratura on July 23, to be followed by a new single in September.

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The band have also revealed the full album tracklisting – with five of the twelve tracks represented by emojis.

Watch the album trailer below.

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