CL Shares Details on Her New Album ‘Alpha’

After being delayed, CL has announced the details of her new album Alpha via her label Very Cherry. The singer shared her comeback schedule with her first single releasing on August 24, with a second in September, and her album set to release in October.

Alpha was originally supposed to release in November 2020 as an EP. Fans who pre-ordered can get a refund as Alpha will be a full-length album.

Back in November, she shared on Instagram, “Since it’s my first physical album and it’s a meaningful album, I kept thinking about better things. After discussing with my team and other people, I decided to postpone the release date until early next year.

I really wanted to keep my promise with GZBz, who has been waiting for the ALPHA album, but since I made the decision to come back with a better work, I hope the time will be filled with anticipation rather than waiting!”

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She had previously released two singles “HWA” and “5 STAR” and appeared in DPR Ian’s track “No Blueberries.” She also signed a management deal with Kang Daniel‘s agency, KONNECT Entertainment to promote her upcoming album and manage her activities in Korea.

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