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Cian Ducrot Releases New Kind of Break-Up Anthem ‘Chewing Gum’

Cian Ducrot Releases New Kind of Break-Up Anthem ‘Chewing Gum’

Songwriter, producer, and artist Cian Ducrot has released his newest track, “Chewing Gum.” Inspired on a tube ride through London, Ducrot’s songwriting skills truly shine on the bouncy, sunshine-injected-like track while his lyrics break down the end of a relationship; calling it as it is. “Chewing Gum” was produced by Ducrot alongside collaborator George Gianluca Cunningham. Find the track here.

Speaking on the song’s making, Ducrot shared, “‘Chewing Gum’ was an idea that came one day when I was sitting on the tube, listening to a breakup song where the singer slags off the other person. I was so sick of hearing songs do that, so I decided I wanted to write the opposite. I just wanted to make something fun and lighthearted without placing any blame and that’s what we did!” 

The twenty-two-year-old recently sold out a show in London at the Colours Hoxton performing old favorites from past EPs and new tracks that Ducrot has been steadily releasing since signing to Darkroom/Interscope Records. With live shows back under his belt, a debut project on the horizon, Ducrot continues to build towards his much-anticipated breakout year.

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