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Chloe Rodgers Shares Serene New Video for Her Single ‘Faces’

Chloe Rodgers Shares Serene New Video for Her Single ‘Faces’

Chloe Rodgers has shared her video for her single “Faces.”

Shot by Friction Collective alongside the creative direction of Anna Tiani, the visuals for ‘Faces’ looks to highlight the smooth and ambient appeal of the original material. Filmed amongst the simple beauty of nature, this new clip captures the raw and untethered direction that Rodgers places within all of her material to date, making for a truly bold and cinematic delight.

Speaking about the new video, creative director Anna Tiani said, “The motive behind creating this ethereal and cinematic music video for ‘Faces’ was to embrace the beauty of nature, passing time and Chloe’s mesmerising voice in order to create an artistic statement that would effortlessly teleport the listener into the contrasting light and dark worlds in which the song lives.”

While Rodgers added, “Most of the filming for the music video was done on pretty much no sleep and that river was so cold that my feet were hurting!! But the team, Bonnie and her family all turned it into a gorgeous day nevertheless. Bonnie was a complete ray of sunshine, and a better actor than me even though she had never done anything like that before! I’m really happy with the results.”

Born and raised in Nottingham – a part of the United Kingdom that she still enjoys living in – Chloe is lucky enough to have the kind of disposition that makes you swoon at the impossibility of her existence within the confines of what it is to be a modern day pop star.

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With influences that stretch from PJ Harvey to Billie Eilish, she notes Thom Yorke as her biggest inspiration, explaining “You know immediately that his lyrics have hidden depths,” she suggests, “but the deeper you dig, the further you are from getting to what they might mean.”

Rodgers first came to public attention after accidentally winning Notts X Factor – she was interning at a local record label and was put up for an audition by her boss – which resulted in pecuniary financial advantage, a series of local gigs and a presence on YouTube that brought her to the attention of music producer and composer, Anders Källmark and Crowds And Power record label.

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