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‘Carnival’ to Premiere on Netflix in June

‘Carnival’ to Premiere on Netflix in June

Netflix‘s next movie Carnival is set to kick off summer on June 2.

Starring Giovana Cordeiro, GKay, Samya Pascotto, and Bruna Inocencio, Carnival follows a group of friends very different from each other, but that complement each other. In the story, the digital influencer Nina (Giovana Cordeiro) discovers a video of her boyfriend’s betrayal going viral on social media. In order to overcome the breakup, Nina uses her contacts to travel to Salvador for the Carnival with her three best friends. But they will find out that this experience will bring much more than new followers – it will make them rediscover the value of friendship.

The cast also includes names like Flavia Pavanelli, Micael Borges, Jean Pedro, Nikolas Antunes, and Rafael Medrado.

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Carnival is a Camisa Listrada production in partnership with Netflix, with argument by Lipy Adler, screenplay by Audemir Leuzinger and Luisa Mascarenhas, and directed by Leandro Neri.

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