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Camilo Releases His Second Album ‘Mis Manos’

Camilo Releases His Second Album ‘Mis Manos’

Latin GRAMMY winner and current GRAMMY nominee Camilo has released his highly anticipated second album, Mis Manos via Sony Music Latin/Hecho a Mano. 

After the successful debut of his album Por Primera Vez which featured international hits such as “Tutu” with superstars Pedro Capó and Shakira, as well as “Favorito,” and other multiple chart-topping radio hits, Camilo returns with an 11-track album that explores all sides of his identity. 

“The entire album has been written, produced, recorded, and edited by my hands. Every day I’m more convinced that God has created me with a purpose and intention, and if I’m created to his image and likeness, all of his inheritance comes in the form of creativity and intuition. My hands function as a vehicle to make everything into songs,” said Camilo about the inspiration behind the title of the album. 

Being the engaging and honest storyteller that he is, Camilo came up with songs that pay homage to his own life experiences before becoming an international star, that little by little, led him to where he is in the present moment. 

He released his first single from this album “Vida de Rico” (Life of a Rich Man), “BEBÉ” late in 2020 with the renowned Dominican artist El Alfa and the latest “Ropa Cara.” All three singles made it into Spotify’s Global Top 50 and are currently on multiple Billboard’s charts including “Hot Latin Songs”, “Latin Rhythm Airplay”, “Latin Pop Airplay”, and “Tropical Airplay”, to name a few.

The fourth single titled “Machu Picchu,” a very sensual and romantic track featuring Venezuelan recording artist, actress, and his wife, Evaluna Montaner, debuted on March 1 accompanied by a gorgeous video, directed by Evaluna and Santiago Achaga.

Other collaborations featured in Mis Manos include Mexican band Los Dos Carnales in “Tuyo y Mío” and Venezuelan artists Mau y Ricky in “Rolex.”

The exponentially growing artist has expanded his exploration of genres including pop, champeta, cumbia, urban, corrido and Colombian folklore, playing an assortment of instruments himself such as guitar, cuatro, ronroco, charango, and piano.  

“My hands (Mis Manos) will be what I use to embrace La Tribu once this pandemic is over. My hands will be playing the guitar and touching the mic at concerts when I sing these songs that have become part of all of our lives,” said Camilo.

Mis Manos is now available on all digital platforms.

Mis Manos Tracklist:

1. Millones


3. Manos de Tijera

4. Mareado

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5. Tuyo y Mío with Los Dos Carnales

6. Rolex with Mau y Ricky

7. Machu Picchu ft Evaluna Montaner

8. Ropa Cara

9. Vida de Rico 

10. Bebé with El Alfa 

11. 5 pa las 12

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