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Calligraphy is the Focus Of Alcantara’s New Exhibit at The Royal Palace in Milan

Calligraphy is the Focus Of Alcantara’s New Exhibit at The Royal Palace in Milan

“Out of the Blue, A Calligraphic Journey through Alcantara” opens next week in the Apartment of the Princes at the Royal Palace of Milan as a special feature of Milan Art Week.

The exhibition showcases the work of six Chinese artists- Qin Feng, Qu Lei Lei, Sun Xun, Mao Lizi, Zhang Chun Hong, and Wang Huangsheng – who have worked to combine the art of ancient calligraphy with avant-garde Alcantara material.

Due to health concerns, the exhibition will be open to the public free of charge on a “by appointment” basis from Wednesday, September 9 through Sunday, October 11. Milan Art Week takes place September 7 through September 13.

Curated by Dagmar Carnevale Lavezzoli and Katie Hill, the exhibit was produced by the Municipality of Milan’s Department of Culture, the Royal Palace of Milan, and Alcantara S.p.A. It continues an annual series of exhibits begun in 2015 at the Royal Palace that explore the artistic use of Alcantara materials.

One of the highest forms of artistic expression in China, the ancient discipline of calligraphy in the digital age continues to provide a vehicle for addressing topical issues as it connects them with the ancient past.

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The Alcantara calligraphy exhibit will be on display in The Apartment of the Princes which occupies 10 rooms in the southwest wing of the Royal Palace. The artwork has been placed to respond to the aesthetics of each room and ranges from digital projections to ink forests on rolls of Alcantara.  It also is intended to question the relationship between humanity and the surrounding world through Taoist notions of temporality, life force and participation.

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