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Butterfly Ali Releases Debut EP ‘Preacher’s Kid’

Butterfly Ali Releases Debut EP ‘Preacher’s Kid’

Butterfly Ali

Fast-rising artist Butterfly Ali has released his eagerly-awaited debut EP Preacher’s Kid alongside the energetic new single “Ain’t Ready For Me.” The EP is available here.

Preacher’s Kid is a fresh and soul-enriched collection that perfectly illustrates the bright and euphoric sound he has been cultivating for himself this past year. The collection’s final single “Ain’t Ready For Me” marks this occasion perfectly. A bold and soaring return that showcases some of his most potent energy, wrapped up in a warm and bouncing production that will keep your toes tapping from start to finish.

Speaking about the new song, he said, “‘Ain’t Ready For Me’ is a feel good, any time of the year, song. Got to create and co-write this song with the awesome writer and producer Gabriel Benjamin, and producers “The Fund”. I wanted to write this song as a reminder to everyone and myself that we have a lot to offer. Self motivation to keep shining despite hate. Rather it be in our profession, romantic relationships, or personal growth. If you feel like an outcast or different then the people around you, it’s a lot of the time not you. They’re just “not ready” for all that you are and you just need to keep being the best you, you know how to be, and let them catch up. We can’t lower our greatness just to “fit in”. The world will catch up eventually.”

Preacher’s Kid Tracklist:

1. Testimony

2. Pray For’Em

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3. Truth Is

4. Butterfly Ali

5. Ain’t Ready For Me

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