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BTS Releases New Album ‘BE’

BTS Releases New Album ‘BE’

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International K-pop act BTS released their eagerly anticipated fifth studio album BE. Treading existentialism given the public health crisis, the septet’s sense broke through their eight songs containing their own candid stories and thoughts. Planned prior to their first all-English-language hit single and summer fling “Dynamite,” the album resonates with the collective message of human resilience, the desire for connection, and the intent that life goes on despite the current situation.

Holding a much heavier weight, the lead single “Life Goes On” carries the authentic and sincere expression of providing healing and consolation to listeners by way of their own truth to find happiness. The unit song “Fly To My Room” finds members Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, and V tell of a solitary here and an onward unrestrained view of drifting freely in the coming times. Vulnerable and empathic, the power-pop ballad “Blue and Grey” shares a much darker nuance imparting a deep sadness and a warm emotion against the resonant waves of an acoustic guitar.

Curated by Suga, the retro disco-pop track “Telepathy” records the emotions not able to express with fans offline due to Covid-19 and a manifest that they will always remain by their side though momentarily away. Tinged with a vivid message of hope and a nod to old school hip-hop, J-Hope renders his song “Dis-ease” to tell of the ambiguity and discomfort experienced from induced lockdowns and the inevitability to overcome difficulties. Working together for the first time as a unit, Jungkook, RM, and Jin team up on the colorful genre-bending song “Stay.”

Alongside “Dynamite,” the album includes a raw and unedited track of the group’s reaction after charting at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, titled “Skit.”

By and by, without the formation of thousands of hearts together echoing in open space words once inscribed from the well of conscious anamnesis and a progressive outlook, the members collectively deliver BE to fans worldwide.

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BTS’s BE is available now on all major music platforms.

Stream the lead single’s music video below.

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