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BTS ‘In The Soop’ Returns for a Second Season

BTS ‘In The Soop’ Returns for a Second Season


BTS is heading back into nature. The web series In The SOOP is returning for a second season in October.

In the SOOP is a reality show, portraying BTS members’ everyday life, relaxation, and everything in between, away from city life. The series is available on the fan platform Weverse.

The series gained popularity among fans as the series showed a laid-back, healing side from the members of the world’s biggest group.

Pledis group SEVENTEEN have started their own season of In The SOOP which is currently streaming on their Weverse community.

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An In The SOOP popup store will be opening from September 3 to October 31, 2021, at The Hyundai Seoul. The popup will feature In The SOOP merch from both BTS and SEVENTEEN. More information is available here.

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