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Blest Release New Single ‘Cristo En Mi’

Blest Release New Single ‘Cristo En Mi’

Cuban-American worship band Blest have released their brand new single, “Cristo En Mi,” the Spanish version of England-based Bright City’s 2019 track from album, Change. “Cristo En Mi” is a song inspired by pondering what life would be like if Jesus had not come to save us. The song is written around that idea, reflecting on the redemptive work of Christ and establishing a statement of identity from a personal encounter with God. Find the track here.

Singer Ivette Carrazana shares, “The message of ‘Cristo En Mi’ is striking for its emphasis on knowing that Christ saved us, forgave us, and set us free to recognize that by the Cross and his Resurrection there is eternal life and for that we can praise Him until He comes.” 

The song captured Blest’s heart upon hearing it and they quickly joined in the worship, affirming that in any language and region of the world, there is nothing more powerful than the singing of Jesus who gave Himself for all on the cross. 

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“The song ‘Cristo En Mi’ ministers to me every time I listen to it,” band member Betsy Jo adds, “I am uncomfortable with attention and struggled because of it at the beginning of my music career and ministry. The Lord helped me understand that He made me this way so I can acknowledge Him when ministering, it is Him in me, not me nor my strength or gifts.”

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