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Bethel Music Releases New Album ‘Peace’

Bethel Music Releases New Album ‘Peace’

  • Bethel Music has dropped their new album, "Peace."
Bethel Music Releases New Album 'Peace'

Bethel Music has released a brand new album titled, “Peace.” The album features some of Bethel Music’s well-known songs and other artists’ covers in a stripped back in a quieter version to ease the soul. The album came as a surprise as the band only announced it on Instagram prior to its release.

They said on Instagram, “We started a project almost a year and a half ago, not knowing the right time to release it. Over the past few weeks as we’ve watched everything unfold, we knew the time was now. We believe God will use this album to calm your mind, heart and soul during a time of uncertainty — He will silence any fear or anxiety. Peace is a person, and He is near.”

“Peace” also features collaborations with other artists. It kicks off with a cover of UPPERROOM‘s “Surrounded (Fight My Battles)” with Kari Jobe. “Peace” also has two tracks with We The Kingdom and many Bethel regulars such as Cory Asbury singing a stripped-down version of “Reckless Love.”

The album is meant to bring peace to listeners. Co-Producers Steven Taylor and Ed Cash helped Bethel Music bring this album to life but also took it a step further by, “[merging] worship and cutting edge techniques scientifically proven to help heal the parts of the brain damaged by emotional trauma by engaging both sides of the brain through the gentle panning of peaceful soundscapes known as bilateral music,” according to Bethel Music’s Instagram.

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In the times the world is currently living, “Peace” comes at a perfect time. The songs allow listeners to still themselves and tune in to God. The album is a good way to remind ourselves that God is always near and He brings peace.

“Peace” is now available on Apple Music, Spotify, and wherever else music is available.

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