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BE:FIRST to Release Debut Single November 3

BE:FIRST to Release Debut Single November 3

The new seven-member boy group, BE:FIRST, formed from SKY-HI‘s audition show THE FIRST will be releasing their debut single “Gifted.” on November 3.

“Gifted.” is the title track and the last in a series of four songs that spell out “BMSG,” the name of SKY-HI’s management company/label, which is managing the group as well as four more of the top 11 contestants from THE FIRST. The group previously shared “Be Free,” “Move On,” and the pre-debut single “Shining One” in August.

“Gifted.” will be released with physical copies in four editions. It will include the title track and the B-sides “Kick Start” and “First Step.” Each edition will have different features varying from the music video to behind-the-scenes footage. The fourth edition will be available exclusively via BMSG’s shop and will include the bonus footage from both CD+DVD editions, as well as a 24-page photobook.

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BE:FIRST are scheduled to perform live in the coming months, including the SUPERSONIC festival, where they will be serving as an opening act on September 18.

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