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Band Of Silver Release New Single ‘Looking for a Friend’

Band Of Silver Release New Single ‘Looking for a Friend’

Band Of Silver Release New Single 'Looking for a Friend'

Sibling trio Band Of Silver have released their new single “Looking For a Friend.” The single is available here

“The lyrics to ‘Looking for a Friend’ are some of the most autobiographical I’ve written,” shares vocalist and lyricist, Avery Silvernagel. “I thought of the topic while going to clubs around Nashville trying to meet new people. It was pretty nerve wracking at first. I thought I would be the outsider with everyone having their social circles already established and all around more put together than I was. Instead I realized most of the people I met felt the same way I did.” 

Band Of Silver—made up of Avery Silvernagel (vocals), Alex Silvernagel (guitar and vocals), and Evan Silvernagel (drums)—are an alternative pop trio out of Nashville. Their music blurs the lines between vintage rock, 80’s new wave, and modern pop, and their explosive, electrifying performances hint at everything from Def Leppard and Madonna to Weezer and Panic! At The Disco.

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Their debut EP, Always, was released in December 2020. The EP showcases Band of Silver’s youthful exuberance, while at the same time reflecting the trio’s remarkable maturity and restraint. The songs tackle heartbreak and disappointment with hope and perseverance, offering up timely testaments to the power of faith and the unbreakable bonds of family.

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