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Bailey Baum Explains How to Get ‘Over It’ in Debut EP: Interview

Bailey Baum Explains How to Get ‘Over It’ in Debut EP: Interview

Bailey Baum

Singer/songwriter Bailey Baum is the artist you need to know with her debut EP Over It. With her soothing vocals and lyrics that will empower listeners through the tough emotions, Baum is ready to take the pop scene by storm.

The Spotify “Fresh Finds” artist has already received buzz with her past singles including “Bad For Me,” “Take Me All The Way,” and the EP title track. The project sees Baum navigate navigating life, love, heartbreak, friendships, and everything in-between. 

“I want the EP to help people feel empowered to get ‘over it,’ while also acknowledging how important it is to let yourself feel everything deeply,” Bailey says. “No emotion or thought you have is invalid, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel of heartbreak. We all deserve to find happiness and peace and fulfillment and that all starts within yourself. I’m still learning and growing from my experiences, this EP is all about that process.”

Get to know more about Bailey Baum and her music below and find the EP here.

Vacancy: How would you explain your EP “Over It” to someone who is listening to your music for the first time?

Bailey Baum: I would say ‘Over It’ is whatever you want it to be. As all music is, this project should be subject to whatever emotions the listener is feeling at that time. And for that reason, the meaning of this project can be ever-changing. Some may listen to it and feel feelings of falling in love, happiness, being carefree, young, crazy etc. Other people might listen to it and feel empowered to make a decision in a relationship that they’ve been cycling through for a long time. And someone else might listen to it and feel sad, brokenhearted, or even lonely. I felt all of those different emotions throughout the making of this project so I know it can be perceived in all of those different ways.

Vacancy: Did past singles like “Bad For Me” dictate the theme for the EP? How was the creation process?

Baum: Each song on the project plays a very different but crucial role in the overall theme of the EP. Funny enough I actually made each song in the exact order it is on the EP but over the course of a few years. A few tracks I had started on a while ago and came back and finished them and the last few tracks were the ones I wrote and recorded most recently. They all reflect a different state of mind and emotion for me throughout the process of my first heartbreak. The creation process was very emotional and very real for me. I worked closely with producers and writers I’ve known for several years to create the most vulnerable music I’ve ever made. Despite being emotional, the creation process is one of my favorite parts. I never try to take myself too seriously to a fault or anything, I try to have fun with every part of the process.

Vacancy: When did you begin making music? Where do you draw inspiration from?

Baum: I always was always listening to music around my family or on the radio so from a young age it was always a very organic discovery process. I remember when I was 5 or 6 years old and started singing “White Christmas” and told my mom I wanted her to hear it because I thought I could really sing. I stood up on the fireplace in front of my whole family and sang my heart out and that was the moment I knew this was what I wanted to pursue. I started voice lessons soon after that and never quit. Most of my inspiration comes from just living life and feeling every emotion. I’m inspired by a lot of different music but I feel the most inspiration comes from my own personal experiences and the experiences of those around me. 

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Vacancy: With such a unique mix of influences in your sound, who would you most like to collaborate with in the future?

Baum: There’s so many artists I love and dream to work with! I think it would be so cool to collaborate with a male artist soon as I haven’t done that yet. Not exactly sure who it will be, but it’s definitely something I’m working towards. Another absolute dream collab would be someone I’ve looked up to forever like Lana Del Rey. 

Vacancy: After already amassing 7 million streams, what are some next goals in your career that you want to achieve?

Baum: I still have so much I want to achieve and do. I dream of going on tour one day. I love the idea of being able to meet people across the world while also getting to dress up and sing every night. I also would love to continue growing my fanbase and just releasing more music as I grow and see how different sides of me resonate with different people. The creative vision of my music is something I pour my heart and soul into so just getting to continue creating and pairing my music with visual content that gives people a look inside my mind. I am beyond excited and hopeful for what’s next.

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