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BAFTA Unveils Steering Group to Tackle Diversity Issues

BAFTA Unveils Steering Group to Tackle Diversity Issues

  • The BAFTA unveils a new steering group to tackle diversity issues in its award shows.
BAFTA Unveils Steering Group to Tackle Diversity Issues

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) unveiled today a new  steering group that will help review the lack of diversity in its film awards.

The BAFTA’s film awards from February were criticized due to no people of color in any of the major acting categories and no women in the best director category.

“BAFTA is committed to driving positive change in the entertainment industry and is constantly reviewing its policies across membership, nominations and voting processes to ensure these are fit for purpose,” said a release.

The group will be tabling the issue by reviewing the processes and conditions that have been in place that allowed for the lack of diversity in some categories from this year’s awards. The review will analyze the nominations and voting process, the role of distributors, the campaigning process, the makeup of BAFTA’s membership, and, ultimately, “how these processes and conditions might be improved with solutions that can help drive positive change in the wider industry.” The group is expected to share their initial findings and recommendations by the end of the summer.

The steering group is made up of BAFTA board and committee members, BAFTA staff, external industry figures, independent advisors, and leading diversity advocates and academics.

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The group is chaired by BAFTA deputy chair Krishnendu Majumdar and includes Kathryn Busby, executive vice president of TriStar Television; actor, writer, director and producer Noel Clarke; Dr Sadia Habib, an academic and co-founder of RizTest; Anna Higgs, head of entertainment media partnership, Northern Europe, at Facebook; Nahrein Kemp, film and TV executive, Film London, who runs Equal Access Network; Kate Lee, founder and partner at Freuds; Dee Poku, founder and CEO of WIE, and founder of The Other Festival; Ade Rawcliffe, head of diversity at ITV Commissioning; producer Marc Samuelson; Tara Saunders, director of studio operations at Sony Interactive Entertainment; Jennifer Smith, head of inclusion at the BFI; and Sam Tatlow, ThinkBIGGER talent manager.

Although the main focus is on the BAFTA’s Film Awards, it will also acknowledge the BAFTA Television, Television Craft and Games Awards.

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