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‘Back to the Future’ Cast Reunites On Josh Gad’s ‘Reunited Apart’ Fundraiser

‘Back to the Future’ Cast Reunites On Josh Gad’s ‘Reunited Apart’ Fundraiser

  • The cast and crew of 'Back to the Future' reunite on Josh Gad's fundraiser web show 'Reunited Apart.'
'Back to the Future' Cast Reunites On Josh Gad's 'Reunited Apart' Fundraiser

Josh Gad has been giving fans the most nostalgic reunions on his new web series Reunited Apart. First, he reunited The Goonies cast, and this time he reunited the cast and crew from the iconic Back to the Future movies. The series is part of a fundraiser to raise money for Project HOPE.

Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd appear and talk to Gad about their experience working with each other. One by one, Gad introduces members of the cast and crew including Lea Thompson, Mary Steenburgen, Elisabeth Shue, screenwriter Bob Gale, writer-director Bob Zemeckis, composer Alan Silvestri, and rocker Huey Lewis. Star Wars filmmaker J.J. Abrams made an appearance due to being a superfan of the trilogy.

The episode was filled with the cast and crew’s memories about filming the movie, reading some of their lines, and interesting tidbits such as Gale and Zemeckis fighting with Universal over the movie’s name.

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Watch the episode below.

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