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Atelier Cologne to Host a 24-Hour Virtual Music Festival

Atelier Cologne to Host a 24-Hour Virtual Music Festival

On Thursday, October 29, Atelier Cologne will host a virtual concert experience that crosses borders and transports senses in a time when human connection and live music is most needed, with a palette of four of the most exciting international artists in 2020 including Doja Cat, Charli XCX, Henry Lau, and Videoclub.

“It’s obvious to say that music is my passion and the most important thing in my world, but these past months really hit that home and I’ve especially missed festival season with my fans, ” said Charli XCX.

With travel being nearly impossible, this unique musical road trip will pick up viewers from their own home to the private homes of each performer – in four different time zones across the globe in Los Angeles to Paris, London and Séoul.

“We describe perfumes with ‘notes,’ just as we do with songs. Notes express scents like a partition or melody and can trigger powerful emotions. Music is like perfume, something we cannot imagine our life without,” said Christophe Cervasel,  Co-Founder of Atelier Cologne

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Free festival tickets are available on a first-come-first-serve basis through the website. By signing up, one will be granted access to the exclusive performances, as well as a chance to interact with select artists and win a signed Cologne Absolue. The performances will be available for a 24-hour window exclusively on

The Lineup
DOJA CAT Performs Live From Los Angeles (9PM PST/12AM EST) 
CHARLI XCX Performs Live From London (2PM PST/5PM EST)
HENRY LAU Performs Live From Séoul (5AM PST/8AM EST)
VIDEOCLUB Performs Live From Paris (1PM PST/4PM EST)

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