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Apple TV+ Released ‘Little Voice’ Teaser Featuring Sara Bareilles

Apple TV+ Released ‘Little Voice’ Teaser Featuring Sara Bareilles

  • 'Little Voice' Apple Original series releases teaser trailer featuring singer-songwriter and executive producer Sara Bareilles.

The Apple Original series created by Emmy Award-winner J.J. Abrams, Grammy, Emmy and Tony Award-nominee Sara Bareilles and Jessie Nelson sees its first teaser for the new coming-of-age drama series Little Voice, featuring original music from Sara Bareilles.

The teaser offers exclusive footage of the series and the anticipated accompanying soundtrack.

Bareilles filmed the title song for the teaser on their last day on set. “We knew that the location was gonna get torn down and so we wanted to sort of commemorate the finish line with me singing the theme song on stage there,” she explained to Entertainment Weekly. “It wasn’t even initially intended to be woven together with the trailer; that was an organic unfolding.”

Little Voice follows Bess King (Brittany O’Grady), a uniquely talented performer in her early twenties who struggles to reach her dreams of becoming an artist in New York’s diverse musicality while staying true to her inner voice.

The brainchild of Bareilles, Nelson, and Abrams is set to premiere on Apple TV+ on July 10.  

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