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American Authors Join Forces with Mark McGrath for ‘Nice and Easy’

American Authors Join Forces with Mark McGrath for ‘Nice and Easy’

Pop-rock trio American Authors have joined forces with Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray to release the summer single “Nice and Easy.” The laid-back anthem takes a break from the chaos of the last year and reminds listeners to cut themselves some slack. Find the single here.

“It’s been a really hard year and ‘Nice And Easy’ is a reminder to slow it down and get back to the basics of living life to your full potential,” says lead vocalist/guitarist Zac Barnett.

The new song is also a toast to new beginnings for the band, who are releasing the single independently and have begun producing their music on their own from top-to-bottom. After amassing 1 billion-plus streams, picking up multi-platinum and gold plaques, and selling out shows everywhere, the guys grabbed the reins and assumed dominion over their future in 2021.

The track is composed of Barnett, Dave Rublin (bass, keys), and Matt Sanchez (drums).“‘Nice And Easy’ is the most ‘American Authors’ song we’ve released in a long time,” shares Barnett. “Not only did we write and produce the song completely ourselves, but we really wanted to make something fun while keeping our signature message of hope.”

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Finishing up their tenure in the major label system, the band went independent. They also reconfigured as a trio and unlocked a different level of inspiration.

“There’s a whole new energy we haven’t really felt in a long time,” Barnett admits. “We’ve not only written some of the best songs we’ve ever written, but we also feel like the music is the truest manifestation of the sound of American Authors. Whether it’s for the group or on solo projects, we’ve been working together on everything. It brings us back to what the band is supposed to be, which is a group of friends having fun.”

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