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AMC Theatres Reopens More Than 35 Theatres This Week in New Jersey, Maryland, and Orange County, California

AMC Theatres Reopens More Than 35 Theatres This Week in New Jersey, Maryland, and Orange County, California

AMC Theatres has announced that as of Saturday, September 12, the Company will have resumed operations in more than 460 locations around the U.S., nearly 80% of the AMC circuit in the U.S. The new number is the result of dozens of locations reopening this week, mostly in major markets throughout the country, including high-profile locations in Orange County, California, Maryland, and New Jersey.

After opening its first two locations in New Jersey last Friday, AMC will soon be operating fully all its theatres in the state, with 24 theatres reopening this week and one theatre expected to open early next week. On Thursday of this week, seven AMC theatres in Maryland welcomed back guests for the first time, and on the other side of the country, AMC will reopen three locations on Friday in Orange County, California, and a fourth on Saturday. These four theatres are the first AMCs in the greater Los Angeles area to resume operations since March.

Earlier this week, AMC also announced that it welcomed its one-millionth moviegoing guest in the United States since reopening. The Company reached that number in less than three weeks and despite significant seating capacity restrictions in place at all open theatres of between 25% and 40% of the maximum capacity. That attendance number jumps to more than 4,000,000 when including AMC’s owned theatres in Europe and the Middle East, many of which resumed operations in June and July.

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“AMC is coming off our most successful weekend since reopening, thanks in large part to Warner Bros. release of TENET. And now, with more than 35 more AMC theatres opening this week, we will be showing movies in nearly 80 percent of our U.S. circuit. That is another encouraging sign that our industry is beginning its way back. More important than merely reopening our doors, however, is that our new AMC Safe & Clean safety protocols are clearly resonating with our guests. We’re seeing record-high guest scores for the cleanliness of our theatres, far exceeding the marks we’ve received in the decades we’ve been tracking guest feedback. AMC Safe & Clean is the cornerstone of our efforts to woo back moviegoers to cinemas. Our AMC Safe & Clean protocols feature social distancing, mandatory mask wearing, the easy availability of disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer, along with high tech solutions like electrostatic sprayers and enhanced air filtration through MERV 13 filters, as well as numerous other new safety and cleanliness procedures.”

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