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Amazon Opens Permanent Homeless Shelter in Seattle HQ Campus

Amazon Opens Permanent Homeless Shelter in Seattle HQ Campus

  • Jeff Bezos shares opening of permanent shelter within Amazon’s Seattle HQ campus.

Housed within Amazon’s Seattle headquarters campus, Jeff Bezos happily shares via Instagram on Thursday the grand opening of the largest purpose-built family homeless shelter in Washington state. Bezos described the eight-floor permanent shelter as an innovative and inventive solution in supporting families in need to get back up on their feet, and make sure no child sleeps outside.

The state-of-the-art shelter was designed to span over eight floors, which includes a health clinic to assist in treating children with serious illnesses, playroom areas, a safe rooftop activity field, office spaces and rooms equipped with WIFI and computers for distance learning, housing and job searches, and other amenities. The building is equipped with an industrial kitchen to produce more than 600,000 meals per year. John Schoettler, Amazon VP of global real estate and facilities, described the shelter’s capacity of up to housing 1,000 people a year and 2,000 people per night.

Amazon partnered with Mary’s Place Family Center in 2016, and the new Amazon building to shelter the homeless permanently was planned in 2017. Initially, Amazon sought to house struggling families, especially after the company was criticized for the rise of homelessness as a side effect of the firm’s growth.

Amazon opened a temporary vacant building in its campus to house families affected as of March due to the novel coronavirus. Schoettler stated that the opening of the permanent shelter would create a safe space to call home during the pandemic. The building is isolated from other campus buildings, and adjustments are made to further provide a dignified and socially-distanced accommodation with enhanced extensive cleaning practices. The shelter is warm, quiet and welcoming to all who seek support and a safe place to call home.

Take a look inside the shelter, courtesy of Amazon.

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