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Alberto “El Terri” Cortez to Guest Star on ‘La Suerte de Loli’

Alberto “El Terri” Cortez to Guest Star on ‘La Suerte de Loli’

Popular Regional Mexican radio host Alberto “El Terri” Cortez will make his acting debut on Telemundo’s La Suerte de Loli on Thursday, March 18. 

Alberto Cortez, better known as “El Terrible,” will appear alongside Silvia Navarro, Osvaldo Benavides, Christian Chávez, Mariana Seoane, Gisella Aboumrad and Alejandro López. His character is recruited by Vicente (López), the owner and programmer of Global Radio Group, to join the # 1 radio network in the West Coast and host one of the main programming slots. 

Alberto “El Terri” Cortez is a nationally syndicated radio personality and the host of Al Aire Con El Terrible, one of the fastest-growing Spanish Language shows. His morning show is a hit among the Mexican community in the United States due to its mix of engaging Regional Mexican content and music. El Terrible has been in the entertainment business for years and uses his platform to empower his listeners. Speaking about the topics that matter the most to Hispanics, El Terri is known for inspiring his audience to brush off their problems and chase after their dreams. El Terrible can be heard on La Raza 97.9 FM in Los Angeles, 93.3 FM in San Francisco/San Jose/Oakland, La Ley 107.9 in Chicago, and nationally through AIRE Radio Networks. 

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