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Ai Bendr Shares New Song ‘I Never Learn’

Ai Bendr Shares New Song ‘I Never Learn’

Rising pop/ R&B artist Ai Bendr has released her first new music of 2022 with the dreamy record “I Never Learn.” The song is an emotional and vulnerable track during which the 18-year-old grapples with the feeling of letting someone go. Listen to “I Never Learn” here.

“I wrote ‘I Never Learn’ during a time when I was losing a lot of people” says Ai Bendr on her experience writing the emotional record, “and so I was constantly feeling like ‘oof, this again. It was a tough year. It happens though, and I think a lot of people can relate to that”.

Last year, Ai Bendr’s song “Love Me Low” made its television debut on HBO’s smash hit Euphoria during Jules’ highly anticipated special episode. Last year also saw the release of her single “Coffee,” which received wide acclaim. Ai Bendr is still at work in her studio in Los Angeles, CA – where she is now based – and is eager to continue on this streak with the brand new music she has on the way.

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