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Afgan Teams Up With Robin Thicke for ‘Touch Me’ Remix

Afgan Teams Up With Robin Thicke for ‘Touch Me’ Remix

Jakarta-based rising star, Afgan has teamed up with Robin Thicke, for the re-release of his original track “Touch Me.” Afgan’s honeyed vocals pair seamlessly with the addition of Thicke’s recognizable talent, for an undeniably catchy fusion of artistry. Produced by Grammy award-winning producer Troy Taylor (Trey Songz, Keyshia Cole), “Touch Me” was originally released on Afgan’s highly-anticipated English-language album Wallflower; released in February 2021. Find the remix here.

Afgan explains ““Touch Me” is a song with a dark and sexy beat that tells the story of one’s physical attraction at first glance, and how that touch may trigger a series of feelings. Usually, these kind of messages are hard to communicate in Bahasa Indonesia, so this is my first time translating these feelings into a song as I’m now singing in English. This was a challenge for me but I am relieved and happy with the result.”

With his debut album Confession No.1 dropping in January 2008, Afgan currently has five solo albums under his belt, countless number one hits, and has managed to rack up over 44 million Spotify streams with over 1 million listeners across a staggering 79 countries just in 2019. Afgan has stepped into the spotlight as one of Indonesia’s fastest rising stars and is now making his foray onto a global platform as continues to ride the success of his first international album, Wallflower.   

Wallflower also features “M.I.A.”, a collaboration with Jackson Wang with came to life after meeting at the 2019 V Live Awards in Seoul where Afgan performed, the collaboration came naturally and showcases a harmonious fusion of their crooning R&B vocals.

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Wallflower was named after his favorite movie The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, and his deep connection to the soft-spoken protagonist Charlie, played by Logan Lerman. Afgan told NME “I just relate so much with the main character and felt like my personality had a similar quality with him.” He continues “I looked up the meaning behind the word [wallflower] and felt like okay, that’s actually a good description of me and I want to own that part of myself.”

Much of the album is influenced by Afgan’s own tumultuous relationship with his mental health, with lyrical inspiration derived from some of the empowering self-help books that have helped him in darker times. “I‘ve been battling anxiety and panic attacks for years, so I wrote “Hurt Me Like You” about it,” Afgan explains. “Nobody can hurt me more than my own self. I really want to change the stigma around mental health, and in Indonesia, it’s still considered a taboo to talk about it. If we became more happy and at peace with ourselves, I think everything would be better.”

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